Terms of Service


API call calculation: For each calling any of the API services adds one API call to your daily consumption.

How it works? Suppose you want to get Wikipedia information, it will calculation as one API, that is the same for Title and other API services.

Now suppose that you want to get Title that inclusive some options such as FullCast, Posters, Images, Ratings, Wikipedia. The "Title" alone counts as an API call, with the addition of each option an API call will be added to the counted value for the Title.

So, if in each Title (1 API) requests, those are inclusive the options: FullCast (1 API), Posters (1 API), Images (1 API), Ratings (1 API), Wikipedia (1 API), sum of your API calls in each Title request would be depending to your request for mark in/out an option.

Important to note that each one of your requests will decrease from your API, e.g. there is no Wikipedia page for an id and you send a request for Wikipedia page, this also applies to sections where we do not provide any services at all.

Excessive use of the site allocated to you, sending unauthorized requests and more than restrictions of your registered plan, improper use of the site and the like will result in termination of your access and the payment will not be refunded.

TV-API reserves the right to suspend the service without prior notice if a client overuses the server resources and abuses the system. You can then contact us to discuss resource control or choose another plan. In any case, due to the effect that Abuse has on other clients that use our services, we act very quickly in suspending services.

TV-API reserves the right to remove any fake or malicious email addresses you use on the site. Even if the emails are made by a trusted company. Reusing it will cause the service to be interrupted. Due to this, the use of free service is not recommended. Because in case of overuse of the APIs of this collection and for any reason (excessive request, improper use, etc.) will be terminated without prior notice. In this case paid services are a good choice.

7 days before the end of the subscription, an email will be sent to users, and users who wish to renew their service must deposit the fee to our accounts 24 hours before the due date of next month's invoice.

Services that are not paid at the announced time will be deactivated at the due time of the invoice (morning, noon, evening or night, there is no difference in deactivation of the service) and if not renewed, they will be completely removed from our server.

(Unfortunately, due to the high volume of support affairs) it is not possible to provide educational services by the support department, and users must have sufficient knowledge to work with web-services tools, APIs, service management. (However, in this regard, efforts are made to make users available in the knowledge base, writing format, useful content through the news and articles section of the site.)

Due our strategy we would not provide any API for gaming, pornography, music video and movies whose year of production is unknown.

It is the responsibility of the users to maintain the passwords of the purchased services and the user portal section, and TV-API does not have any misuse of your passwords by others. It should be noted that all the features of your purchased services are available in the user portal section and you can even edit the password of your services from there. Therefore, a difficult password is suggested for this section, which includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

After the customer has purchased each of TV-API services and paid for the service, the service will be provided to the customer according to the completed specifications in the order form, If you intend to terminate your service without providing a reasonable reason, we will not refund any cost. In case of request to cancel the service after approval by TV-API will be completely removed. Users can delete their profile directly from the admin panel.

All users are obliged to follow up their problems only through the Ticket.

TV-API may make changes to the terms and conditions at any time without notice. Although we try to notify you by email of any changes to the terms and conditions, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with changes to this section, and if you do not agree, you can request that your service be discontinued. Otherwise, you are responsible for all the possible consequences.

Users are not allowed to create multiple accounts, all of their accounts will be suspended if viewed.